Risk Management

The County of Los Angeles Office of Privacy is committed to protecting the privacy of our constituents, employees, and other confidential information. Our goal is to ensure the proper use and disclosure of such information, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and protection. We strive to achieve these goals by providing oversight and guidance to County departments, engagement with County stakeholders, and promoting a culture that values the compliance with privacy laws, regulations, and policies.

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower businesses and individuals to respect privacy and safeguard data. Together with the National Cyber Security Alliance, the County of Los Angeles encourages you to join the #PrivacyAware campaign by visiting:


County workforce members must comply with County Information Security policies in order to reasonably safeguard client data and/or employee data, and prevent unauthorized disclosure or misuse of such data. The tips below are great ways to uphold a culture of privacy in the workplace, and to also protect your own personal information.


  • Defend: Treat all County data that contains personal information as highly sensitive and confidential. Only share such data with authorized recipients.
  • Email: Proceed with caution when receiving emails from parties who are external to the County. Use the Report Phishing button in Outlook to report any suspicious emails. Send [Secure] emails to external recipients if the message contains any personal information.
  • Software: Ensure that your computer is up to date with critical software security patches by your department, and contact the help desk with any questions.
  • Passwords: Use strong and unique account passwords on every account, and incorporate 2 factor authentication whenever possible. Regularly update passwords. Using a password manager is a great way to create and keep track of your passwords.
  • WiFi: Public wireless networks are not secure. Use a secure network when transmitting personal information and confidential data.
  • Secure: Store documents with personal information in locked areas at your workstation. Dispose of those documents in locked trash bins or always use a paper shredder.
  • Questions: If you have data privacy questions, contact your Departmental Information Security Officer (DISO), the County’s Chief Information Security Officer, or the County’s Chief Privacy Officer at privacy@ceo.lacounty.gov.