Encouraging Safety Awareness & Using Competition to Improve Working Conditions

Encouraging Safety Awareness & Using Competition to Improve Working Conditions

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Our safety communication program has resulted in an increased level of safety awareness. Our managers are focusing on workplace safety to help minimize injuries in their offices. Offices update their staff by posting the number of days their office has gone without an accident on this customized poster. I recognize each office that has been injury free for at least thirty days with a certificate at our bi-monthly departmental managers’ meetings.


- Sheryl Spiller, Director, Department of Public Social Services.

Safety posters and other forms of communication help to raise awareness of safety issues. Safety posters, such as the one used by the Department of Public Social Services, serve as a reminder that safety is important.

These types of approaches work well in many settings as they tap into fundamental and innate human motivations. Inner competition and the desire to be rewarded for positive performance are traits shared by most people so the system partially fuels itself. Another positive element offered by safety communication is that it conveys a message on how realistically achievable injury reduction and elimination can be. By demonstrating how reachable a goal has been by the employees’ peers, it can help curb skepticism or apathy toward the effort. Most importantly though, safety communication practices help keep the awareness constant by maintaining it as a focus and in the forefront.

Implement a safety communication program including posters, flyers, bulletins, or pop-up messages on computers.