Risk Management
Inspector General

The role of the CEO's Risk Management Inspector General (RMIG) is multi-faceted. First, it is responsible for assisting County Departments in the development and approval of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) and Summary Corrective Action Plans (SCAPs). Second, it uses the information from CAPs and SCAPs to foster liability loss control measures. Finally, RMIG collaborates with departments, CEO Liability Claims Management, and County Counsel to meet the mandates established by the Board of Supervisors (Board).

One of the Board's mandates is the requirement of all County Departments to include a SCAP signed by RMIG as part of any claim settlement over $100,000. These efforts culminate in a process that incorporates all of the elements of loss control, claims management, and Board mandates, as follows:

- Weekly review of all claims entered in the liability claims system to determine early intervention, prevention, and containment efforts.

- Conduct detailed analysis of incident reports, claims, significant incidents, and adverse events, including monitoring adverse verdicts and items reported through various sources.

- Consult with Departments and assist with their development of remedial corrections, CAPs, and SCAPs.

- Assist in expediting claim settlements by pre-approving all CAPs and SCAPs prior to submission to the County Claims Board and/or the Board.

- Escalate requests for CAPs and SCAPs information through Department management and the Board, as necessary.

- Conduct audits and investigations of liability issues at the direction of the Board, and/or those issues which RMIG deems appropriate.

RMIG participates in all cluster meetings (agenda and policy committees) which involve in-depth discussions of CAPs and case facts. These cluster meetings are attended by Board Deputies, CEO, County Counsel, and Departments. The purpose of the meetings is to brief the Board Deputies on all relevant information in order for them to brief the Board before their final approval is sought for a case.

CAP and SCAP Applicability Notices

Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and Summary Corrective Action Plan (SCAP) Applicability Notices are documents created as reference guides to Departments on how to address issues with Countywide impact, in an effort to identify and prevent similar claims and exposures.

Departments are able to view and access the CAP/SCAP Applicability notices on the Risk Management's Sharepoint site. (Link below)

For any questions related to Applicability Notices or access to them, please contact us directly at: RMIG@ceo.lacounty.gov

Correspondence to The Board and Department Heads
Memo DateToSubject
3/8/2016BoardApproval of Revised Board Policy No. 8020- Procedures for Including Corrective Follow-Up Reports as Part of the Claims Settlements Presented to the Board
10/1/2015Department HeadsCorrective Action Plans and Summary Corrective Action Plans for Tort-Like Settlements
4/29/2015Department HeadsModification of Current Process for Corrective Action Plans and Summary Corrective Action Plans
2/22/2013Department HeadsEnhancement to the Corrective Action Plan Process
3/1/2010Department HeadsCorrective Action Plan/ Summary Corrective Action Plan Review and Pre-Approval by Risk Management/ Inspector General Approval
10/14/2009Department HeadsCorrective Action Plans
3/27/2008Department HeadsUpdate to Summary Corrective Action Plan Program
11/27/2007Department HeadsSummary Corrective Action Plans
9/11/2007BoardClaims Board Corrective Action Plans

Training and Resource Materials

Corrective Action Plan User Guide

The Corrective Action Plan User Guide maps the process of CAPs and SCAPs. The User Guide assists Departments in understanding the:

  • Risk Management Inspector General Program
  • CAP and SCAP Program and how it works with County operations
  • Root cause analysis process
  • CAP and SCAP development
  • Countywide CAPs

CAP and SCAP Development and Root Cause Determination Presentation

These presentations inform Departments on how to determine root causes, and select loss control efforts to implement formalized CAP and SCAPs.Presentations also provide an overview of the CAP and SCAP process from the first notice of the claim to its approval by the Claims Board and/or Board of Supervisors.

Contact RMIG to schedule a training session for your Department or to find out when our next webinar will be.

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