Getting Medical Treatment
Emergency treatment, hospital and specialty care

What to do when an injury occurs

When an occupational injury occurs, contact your supervisor immediately, and if you are not pre-designated a personal physician, ask for assistance to access an initial treatment center.

Emergency Treatment

If you have an emergency, which is defined as a medical condition starting with a sudden onset of severe symptoms that without immediate attention could place your health in serious jeopardy, go to the nearest healthcare provider regardless of whether or not it is in the County’s MPN (Medical Provider Network).

If your injury is work related, advise your emergency care provider to contact your supervisor to arrange for a transfer of care to a provider in the County’s MPN.


Hospital and Specialty Care

If necessary, your primary treating physician from the MPN will make all of the arrangements and referrals for specialists, inpatient hospital, outpatient surgery center services, and ancillary care services.

The MPN has specialty care providers within 30 miles or 60 minutes from your work or residence.

Medical Appointments

If you have any difficulty scheduling an appointment with your initial provider or subsequent provider, please contact your supervisor or your department’s Return-to-Work Coordinator.


Reporting Injuries

The County’s Medical Management Companies (MMC) for 5020 reporting are:

Treatment Centers


Corvel Corporation (CorVel)

UNITS A, B, C and D


For initial treatment and listing of providers:
 (855) 857-7556

Visit CorVel MPN

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