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Risk Transfer is responsible for the purchasing of insurance Countywide, conducting insurance compliance reviews, and providing indemnification and insurance expertise to all County of Los Angeles (County) Departments.

The County strives to obtain commercial insurance for multiple risks that could negatively affect the County. Examples of the types of commercial insurance procured are: Automobile, Aviation, Cyber, Crime, Earthquake, etc. The County is constantly analyzing the risks and benefits by which obtaining insurance provides additional financial stability to the County and its constituents. The purchasing of insurance allows the County better protection when conducting day-to-day activities, as well as allowing the County to better serve its constituents by taking more proactive roles in public safety and health initiates that may be of a higher risk but of greater public value.

Insurance and Indemnification Requirements for Service Agreements

Insurance Manual

Purchase of commercial insurance coverage is the method used by many contractors to enable them to fulfill their promise of indemnification.

Evidence of Insurance

County of Los Angeles uses self-insurance to cover a large portion of its liability. The State of California issued the County a Certificate of Consent to Self-Insure.

A.M. Best

To report on the financial stability of insurers and the insurance industry. A.M. Best is the only global credit rating organization focused on the insurance industry. A.M. Best ratings are recognized indicators of insurers' financial strength and creditworthiness.


The Special Events Liability Insurance Program (SELIP) was implemented by the County to protect departments from inadvertently assuming indemnity and legal costs associated with claims and lawsuits arising from special events hosted on County facilities by non-County sponsors. When County facilities are rented or used by outside groups to hold special events (including, but not limited to classes, meetings, family picnics, weddings, birthday parties, and sporting events), event sponsors are required to indemnify the County and to provide general liability insurance. The SELIP assists event sponsors who might otherwise be unable to secure, afford or fully meet the County liability insurance requirements to utilize County facilities.

Please check the SELIP Guide for an explanation of SELIP insurance coverage and step-by-step instructions on how to file the insurance application online.

Receive a quote by clicking the button below (County Venue Code is 4929-000).


Self-Insurance Programs

Self-insurance is the risk-financing method used by the County of Los Angeles to pay most of its vehicle liability and physical damage, general liability, and professional liability costs. Property losses and other uninsured costs not covered under commercial insurance programs are also paid in this manner.

Contractual Risk Management

The County enters into service agreements with contractors, vendors, and consultants to provide a wide variety of services for the benefit of departments and the public. Use of these service providers may also expose the County to liability claims and lawsuits; and therefore, policy established by the Board of Supervisors requires contractors to indemnify the County for their activities and maintain sufficient insurance coverage to protect themselves and the County against such risk. CEO Risk Management, with the assistance of County Counsel, has developed indemnification and insurance terms and conditions designed for use in all County service agreements. Risk Management can also help Departments develop statements of indemnification and hold harmless provisions in concert with contract/agreement terms and evidence of insurance, as needed.

CEO Risk Management also reviews Countywide contracts and agreements and provides training on contractual risk management to department contract managers, analysts, and monitors.



Risk Management serves as the County's internal insurance broker and administrator for its commercial insurance policies

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