Foundation of a Best in Class Early Return - to - Work Program

Foundation of a Best in Class Early Return - to - Work Program

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Tips for Managers

Conduct periodic self-assessments of a random sampling of departmental RTW files.

Much has been said about the benefit of workers' compensation early return-to-work programs and how such programs improve the situation of injured workers and reduce costs to employers. A fundamental requirement to establishing a best in class program is communicating with injured workers in a respectful, kind, consistent, and knowledgeable manner. Department Return-to-Work staff should:

  • Communicate with the injured employee early and provide them with information related to early returnto-work and the workers' compensation third party administrator.
  • Become a resource and provide the injured employee with your contact information and return phone calls.
  • Emphasize the collaborative nature of the early returnto-work process.
  • Engage the workers' compensation third party administrator to obtain work restrictions and capacities from the treating physician.
  • Work with the injured workers' supervisor to research and evaluate possible accommodations.
  • Communicate temporary alternate or modified positions to the injured employee in a positive manner.
  • Convey your willingness to assist the injured employee if problems arise during the workers' compensation process.