The Circle of Safety


The Circle of Safety

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The Departments of Beaches and Harbors, Internal Services, and Public Works have already implemented the “Circle of Safety” Program.

Now is the time to implement the "Circle of Safety" Program in your department. Contact the Chief Executive Office, Risk Management Branch, Loss Control and Prevention Section for assistance at (213) 351-6406.

Vehicle Safety Program

Reduce the frequency of preventable accidents

What is the “Circle of Safety?” The Circle of Safety is a technique commonly found in Vehicle Safety Programs to reduce the frequency of preventable accidents by requiring drivers to place orange traffic cones at the front and back of their vehicles when parked. When preparing to leave, the driver then removes the cones while walking around the vehicle full circle to become aware of obstructions, vehicles, or other obstacles that may be present – thus performing a “Circle of Safety.

At least one out of three traffic accidents involving County drivers is a backing accident. This type of accident can be prevented simply by walking around the vehicle to check for obstructions or pedestrians before driving away from an area. Orange traffic cones can be placed at the front and back of the vehicle, preferably on the driver side corners after the vehicle has been parked. It is important to also examine the path to be taken when backing, especially when distance is significant.

The “Circle of Safety” procedure creates a level of awareness and alertness that has been effective in minimizing high frequency property damage incidents such as backing accidents as the driver prepares to pull away.

Departments with large vehicles, vehicles with obstructed views, or employees that make frequent stops would benefit from the “Circle of Safety” Program. Start by evaluating your vehicle accidents and determining your department needs.

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