Cyber Risk


Cyber Risk

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The risk of a cyber attack is a threat that most employers have in common. Cyber attacks target computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, and/or personal computer devices, by various means in order to steal, alter, or destroy information by hacking into a susceptible system. The County of Los Angeles (County) is at risk of cyber attacks every day, and has successfully countered threats against its cyber network. These attacks include spam, phishing, hacker, and randsom Unfortunately, some attempts will eventually be successful. Staying ahead of the ever-evolving threat of a cyber attack requires enduring diligence on the part of both, the County and its employees, in understanding and anticipating cyber threats.

The following tips can assist in minimizing the threat of cyber attacks:

1. Keep up with software updates, upgrades, and manufacturer—recommended patches

2. Recognize phishing attempts and do not click through or enter credentials.

3. Use passwords with numbers, letters, and special characters.

4. Do not use the County’s resources and equipment to access social media websites.

5. Be aware of attempts to gain passwords, IP addresses, and other information that can be exploited to break into a network.

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